Garage Door Maintenance

Why take potential garage door accident risks? Why go through the hassle of sudden overhead door problems? With our garage door maintenance in London, you use the door daily without worrying about its performance or the safety of your kids. The purpose of our service is to fix the door and every single one of its parts in a way that they won’t pose a threat to the owners or cause other problems. So we follow a checklist at Garage Door Repair London but also take into account the special needs of your door in order to do the maintenance service right.Garage Door Maintenance London

Every garage door maintenance step is crucial

The service always starts with a thorough check. During garage door inspection, our techs in London, Ontario, test the reverse and release mechanisms, the balance of the door and its overall movement, and the condition of all parts. Are the cables frayed? Is the chain of the opener not tensed right? Do springs need adjustment? Once we have the list of the must-do repair work, we continue with the service. If our pros come across specific problems, like the door not closing right or opening all the way, they utilize their garage door troubleshooting skills to find out what’s wrong.

Once problems are identified, we fix garage door parts but also recommend their replacement should they are extensively worn. In order for components to function right, they must be greased. This is important for steel parts for the avoidance of friction when they move which will destroy their material and cause corrosion. With regularly maintenance lubrication, steel parts are protected since oils act as a protective layer and thereby they last longer while noises are eliminated.

The more you use the door, the more regularly you should maintain it. And such jobs should be left to our experts because we have the equipment and expertise to maintain the system right. From garage door adjustment to sensors alignment and any other repair work in between, every little step that we take to service the door is important. Let us keep your family safe and your door functional. Call us to cover your London garage door maintenance needs this week.

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