Garage Door Cables Repair

Wondering why your home garage door cables keep coming off? Did they snap? As residential overhead door experts, we can fix garage door cables in London, Ontario, effectively. And our pros respond quickly too. Rely on us for any problem related to these essential overhead door parts. There are cable replacements in our trucks. So if yours are broken, we can replace them in no time at all. Call Garage Door Repair London for any problem related to cables.Garage Door Cables London

The importance of garage door cables

Why are garage door cables important? They are connected with the springs to help them lift and bring down the overhead door. As they are wrapped around their drum, cables are connected to extension springs through pulleys. The shaft passing through the torsion spring is connected to the cable drums at the two ends. So when there are cable problems, they might involve pulleys and drums too. And when they are damaged or broken, you can rely on our garage door cables replacement service.

Leave cable replacement to our experts

Installing garage door cables is not easy. Removing the existing cable would require releasing spring tension first. And once the new cables are installed, they must be adjusted so that the door will be leveled. Such tasks are important for the proper movement of the door. Our techs are qualified, insured, and trained to properly replace cables and will help all residents in London quickly.

We quickly repair the cable off the drum

We respond fast for the replacement of your garage door broken cable, but will also be at your home urgently to fix cable problems. They usually come off their position. Whether they are off their drum or track, you can trust the expertise of our pros to put them back and level the door properly. We also check why such problems occur and can take care of any issue. If they are frayed, it’s wise to ask us to replace them so that they won’t snap and create safety problems. When it comes to London garage door cables, call us for either their replacement or repair.

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